Financial investment decisions are crucial and are demanding not only with regard to financial resources but time & concentration as well.

The story is no different with Stock Markets and your investments in the same niche as these are most unpredictable and ever so changing within the matter of seconds and minutes.

This is where our tools come to help as they provide real-time data & stats to ease up decision making process for the investors.


Trading is nothing without the right tools,

we have been developing professional tools for traders for many years and are constantly adjusting them to meet the needs of our customers,

our indicators are efficient, fast and reliable.

Take Your Trading Experience to the Next Level!

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Correct identification of the trends in stock investments are pivotal and TrendFollowerSR ensures this perspective while displaying the correct trend on multiply timeframes to help you go long way as much as possible.

The latest technology of the Indicator enables to track whether if a certain trend has just begun, has already existed for a longer period or how long is to be going to carry. There is also a strength feature which shows the possibility of continuity and short or long life span of a trend.

Another effective function is the detection of the possible trend change. It gives you the opportunity either to get out of the market in time or to take a small pullback with you.

With this wide range of functions, the TrendFollowerSR is a power tool for trading.

– Take Your Trading Experience To the Next Level –

and get the exclusive  TrendFollowerSR-Analyzer for free! So you have all these outstanding features on 10 symbols and all timelines in a smart and clear Design.

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          • Innovative trend detection
          • Posibillity to change the settings instantly, to improve the strategy
          • Display of the current trend strength
          • Display of the current trend duration
          • Presentation of the profit
          • 1-click symbol and timeframe change
          • Tooltip with chart and positions
          • Smart Minimized mode
          • Possible Trend change detection
          • Drag & Drop the menu for position change
          • Trend-Integrated MACD
          • Notification Alerts
          • Amazing design
          • Works in all symbols and all timeframes
          • Overview simply of everything important!

Please read the user manual for detailed information and effective strategies here:


PROscalper is a perfect tool for traders who use the scalping strategy!

It gives you the visual view of the main StoplossTakeprofits and current/last pips on the chart and also in the integrated menu.

So with this overview you have the high quality indicator for scalping!

You can use PROscalper on any timeframes and on any pairs, but lower timeframes are recommended.

To improve results, you can combine PROscalper with a Trendindicator (TrendfollowerSR) to get a dual confirmation for the entries.


Binary Options – DayTrading is a perfect tool for traders who trade Binary Options!

It is based on candle analysisseveral oscillators and trend indicators. 

The signals consist of a buffer in a separate window, a vertical line in the main window and a horizontal line („entry line“) in the main window.

BO – DayTrading has two options to trade:

        • 60 Seconds
        • Long term


PROvolumes is the tool for traders who trade on lower Timeframes such as M1 and M5.

The Indicator is based on serveral Oscillators with Multitimeframe Trendfilters – The entries in the Market are really tight by this Indicator.

It gives you visual view of the Signalratio for current Chart and Timeframe and will also notify you when it’s time to go long or short.

For maximum Profit you can use our top Trendindicator TrendFollowerSR to get even better Winrate.

You don’t need to configurate PROvolumes, it’s already configurated perfectly for all major pairs.


DailyBreakouts is the perfect tool for traders who use the breakout strategy!

First, DailyBreakouts analyzes the last day; then, the beginning of the new day. After that, it gives you the signal for the breakout.

With the integrated menu, you have the perfect overview of the pips, breakout zones, stop loss, and take profit.

DailyBreakouts works on M30 and H1 timeframes, because it gives you one signal per day – so it is pointless to use lower or higher timeframes.

To improve results, you can combine DailyBreakouts with a Trendindicator (TrendfollowerSR) to get a dual confirmation for the entries.


BreakoutSR shows you possible breakouts for current/following day.

With integrated Support and Resistance lines and a menu you have a better overview of the chart.

If the candle closes above „LONG“ go long, if the candle closes below „SHORT“ go short. Same is for SHORT/LONG Breakouts.

Quick and easy to understand – tool, perfect for all types of traders.

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